Monday, 4 May 2015


One of the minor delights of working as a Medical Engineer in the NHS was the opportunity to slip off if I’d been sitting down too much at the bench. Save up a few jobs and say I’m just going to Ward such and such and I could have a stroll, a chat to people and get back a bit later refreshed.

One of the problems of writing now is the sitting down without an excuse to move. I always fancied getting a lectern. In fact, I still do. But I did find a sort of solution towards the end of last year when, of all things, I’d put a small table on top of my dining ( and writing ) table to get it out of the way when I vacuumed. The combined height is just about right although the surface area could be improved. Vacuumed.

I use it for two tasks. In the morning I can lean on it, hold it and lean back, stretch my legs and most usefully it can be used to lay down my A4 sheets, pencil and rubber. In the evening it does duty as a place to put my laptop.

I was feeling rather pleased with myself until I discovered that loads of other writers have written standing up. Rather confusingly not many seem to be writers that I like.

However, I then found that there are other ways of solving my problem. There are actually companies that make stand up desks with or without drawers. I presume an online search would find something to suit and joy of joys I’ve heard of some that come with a foot rail.

I have seen an adjustable computer desk although I can’t remember where it was. And I don’t really like designed computer desks as most that I’ve seen are useless.

It’s possible also to make a desk that fits to the wall. I have thought about this but I don’t really have the space unless it folded up and I think I’d find that irritating.

I just had a peep on the internet to check on any articles on standing and writing and blow me there’s dozens. In the second one I read the writer actually said ‘that having a stand up desk is now hip’. Hip.

Oh, well.

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