Monday, 25 February 2013

Why a viewpoint

Whilst looking around the various web sites and blogs of poets in readiness for setting up a terry quinn poetry uk blog it soon hit me how much I missed Geoff Steven’s Gossip Column in Purple Patch.

The poetry was the main reason for subscribing to the magazine but I don’t know anyone who didn’t turn to the Column first to read what Geoff had to say about the various goings on in the poetry world. He loved to puncture the pomposity and moral values of that world from his home in West Bromwich.

But if it was a good poem or a poet showed promise he would print their work regardless of ethnicity, political persuasion or class.

So, from the looking around, it became clear to me that a blog or website should have an opinion. It doesn’t have to follow Geoff’s path, what could, but what’s the point of wasting space on a biog and a picture.

I’ll call it a viewpoint rather than a rant. Though who knows.

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